March 2014

New Hope Correctional Ministry at the PCCF!

John is one of our serous Bible students who loves the Lord and knows the Word very well! He has “Pastor” written all over him. He serves the Lord inside and will do so on the outside as well. John is a quiet man and keeps to himself, and no one knew he was trained in martial arts until a couple of thugs came into his cell to rough him up, which was too bad for the two thugs. John however had to go to administrative segregation (ad seg) for a “time out.”

John wrote me a note to tell me he was in ad seg and mentioned that just before he went there he had been reading Acts 8:26-35 (you need to read this!). Shortly after that reading John got a new celly (cellmate). He noticed the man (Bill) was reading his Bible with a confused look on his face. John asked, “Do you understand what you are reading?” Bill replied, “Not really, I need someone to explain this to me!” John then added in his note, “Coincidence or Divine appointment?” with a small smiley face ☺!

A few days later in my office I retrieved a voice mail from the phone messaging system. A man said he had been here for a week or so before he was bailed out and heard about Jesus and wanted to know of a good Church to attend in the Plymouth/Carver area. I called him back and told him of a few and that I would be at the one in Carver to fill in for the Pastor that following Sunday morning. He said, “I will be there!” He came with his wife Mary and daughter Kelley. His name was Bill. ☺

Thank you for your prayers and support of our ministry!!