June 2013

Pedro grew up in Brockton, Ma. He like many in the PCCF, dropped out of school and got in with the wrong crowd. Though he did not have a serious problem with the alcohol and drugs as so many here have had, he got into trouble with the new ‘so-called’ friends. There were gang fights and shootings and Pedro still as a bullet in his arm, which he has not had removed yet.

Ironically, he ended up here for a murder charge that he not only did not commit, but also had absolutely nothing to do with. However, I have learned from many of the inmates in here, if you hang around with people who do evil (lie, steal, etc.), they can lie to the police and say someone was involved in a crime, even though that someone was not, and still end up being charged for a crime. Be sure to tell your children to be careful who they hang around with.

Shortly after Pedro arrived at the PCCF, he felt a strong desire to sign up for Bible study and Chapel. I just happened to ask the class, “How many of your “friends” have come to visit or write you, since you’ve been in jail?” Of course, the answer was zero. The good thing about getting in trouble or going to jail, is that you find out real quick who your friends are and who are not your ‘friends.’ Pedro realized this truth as well as the truth of the Gospel, and he placed his trust and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!

When Pedro learned what Jesus had done for him on the cross, he believed and left his life of crime and sin and it shows. When you’re in love with someone it shows, and Pedro has really come to know who Jesus is. He grew up in the faith as a child and knew about God, but since he has been in jail and started to read his Bible, he now knows God! He is so glad to know that all his sins have been paid for and now he can start all over with a clean slate! Thank you for your prayers and support!! (2 Cor. 5:17). ☺


Thanks to the Gideons for giving the inmates new testaments! We really appreciate  Sally Harrington, Deb McAuley, Jim Mastrangelo and Nicholas Pratley for grading the many Bible lessons completed by the PCCF inmates.

We would also like to thank the many pastors and supporters who have come in to the PCCF to teach a Bible study class: Pastors Gerson Anunciacao, Dave Crooker, Wayne Krause,  and Dave Troxler.

                                                     PRAISE & PRAYER REQUESTS TO OUR FATHER

• Praise for those who have sponsored tables at the Sheriff’s Prayer Breakfast (btw, we could use several more sponsors!).

• Praise for the inmates who have come to Christ, are doing Bible lessons and are growing in the Lord!

• Prayer for inmates who will soon be released, that they will start attending a good church, find work, transportation and a place to live.

                                                                  HOW YOU COULD HELP!

If anyone has a vehicle that they would like to donate to NHCM, let Chaplain Danny know! 508-830-6200 x473. Some inmates still have a license after their release and need a car to get back and forth to work!

                                                    NEW HOPE CORRECTIONAL MINISTRY!

If you would like to make a contribution to our ministry, please make your check out to:

New Hope Correctional Ministry or NHCM and mail to:

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Thank you for your prayers and support!