January 2014

Roberto grew up in Boston. He was introduced to alcohol early in his life and drank regularly. He got in with the wrong crowd and lived to party and sell drugs to support his lifestyle. At the age of 23 he came to PCCF for a drug charge and served a 3 year sentence. He had heard about the Lord and went to Church a few times when he was released but went back to his old ways shortly thereafter.

He got married when he was 28 and had a daughter. This slowed him down a bit and he began attending a Church with his wife, but in his own words he said, “It was to be entertained,” and he was not ready to trust in the Lord Jesus. He continued to drink with the old crowd and the bills piled up. Roberto and his wife began to argue a lot, so he began looking for a “fast dime,” and ended up getting involved in another drug deal for which he was arrested and brought to PCCF.

While he was lying in his bunk, Roberto overheard an older Christian inmate sharing the gospel with a younger inmate and he became convicted by the Holy Spirit and repented! He attended a small group Bible study in the unit, and they encouraged him to come to Bible study in the Chapel. He came and placed his faith in Jesus! Roberto has been attending 7 Bible study classes and Chapels each week. He interprets for the Spanish speaking inmates and has completed all the Bible lessons!

Roberto begins his day with “No Bible, no breakfast!” He has become a new person (2 Cor. 5:17)! Thank you for your prayers and support!! 🙂


Jo Woody of Mission Possible has provided many tracts and books for the inmates here and she is a blessing to us. Thanks to Ken & Wendy Begin, and First Baptist of Duxbury for providing Bibles & Study Bibles! We really appreciate Roxanne Costa, Sally Harrington, Jim Mastrangelo, Marshcorner Church, Nick Pratley, and Kim Terenzoni for grading the many Bible lessons completed by the PCCF inmates.

We would also like to thank the many pastors and supporters who have come in to the PCCF to teach a Bible study class: Pastors Gerson Anunciacao, Dave Crooker, Wayne Krause, Dick Nooney, Randy Randall, Allen Somergie, and Dick Telford.


  • Praise the Lord for the many inmates that have realized the error of their way and have turned from sin to Jesus! It is awesome to watch these miracles and see them grow in Christ!
  • Prayer for inmates who will soon be released, that they will start attending a good church, find work, transportation, and a place to live.
  • Praise for the inmate who have come to Christ, who are doing Bible lessons and who are growing in the Lord! Pray they will be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading to walk with Christ!
  • Praise for the brothers and sisters in Christ who pray for and support our ministry here at PCCF.


Thank you for your prayers and support! 🙂

Chaplain Danny Croce