August 2014

Joe had made a profession of faith in Christ when he was a teen at retreat some years ago. He had never been taught how to follow Christ or walk with the Lord by reading, listening, studying, meditating and memorizing the Word of God. He had simply repeated a prayer at a retreat and continued to live his own life, his own way. This continued for many years and in his own words he told me, “I knew I was doing wrong but couldn’t stop!” His drinking had split apart his family and caused his children to rebel.

As a result of living his own life his own way, Joe had been arrested several times and had been in and out of jail as a result. Only this time when he came to the PCCF for his fourth OUI, things were going to change for him. Joe came to a Bible study at the request of a friend and I was teaching a passage in the Word about sin and our need to repent and believe (Mark 1:15). Joe, at first did not like this and did not come to the study for a while, but the Word of God was taught and the Holy Spirit convicted him mightily (John 16:8, 9).

God would not leave Joe alone! ☺ The convicting work of the Holy Spirit made him open the Bible often and not long after, Joe did repent and his life has been changed! He came back to the weekly Bible study classes (all 4 of them), and is on fire for God! Joe has completed the 350 Bible lessons and earned his own Study Bible! One thing is certain. Joe is not the same person I first met about a year ago! ☺ He has been dramatically changed! He carries his Bible everywhere and when he sits down, he is reading! He appears glued to the pages of sacred scripture and his life reflects what he is hearing and learning in the Word (Romans 10:17)!

Joe asked me to sign his Study Bible the other day which I did, but he then added, “Put down the ‘No Bible, no breakfast!’ which I added also. As with most of the Study Bibles that the inmates earn here by doing all the lessons, I write at the bottom of the first page the reference, Matthew 13:16, which states, “Blessed are your eyes for they see and your ears for they hear!” Faith comes by hearing and hearing comes by the Word of God (Romans 10:17)! ☺                 Proverbs 20:12


Jo Woody of Mission Possible have provided many tracts and books for the inmates here and they are a blessing to us. Thanks to Ken & Wendy Begin, 1st Baptist of Duxbury for providing Bibles & Study Bibles! We really appreciate Karen Cronin, Sally Harrington, Jim Mastrangelo, Marshcorner Church, Nick Pratley and Kim Terenzoni for grading the many Bible lessons completed by the PCCF inmates.

We would also like to thank the many pastors and supporters who have come in to the PCCF to teach a Bible study class: Pastors Gerson Anunciacao, Chet Blay, Dave Crooker, Jeff Lavoie, Wayne Krause, Dick Nooney, Randy Randall, Allen Somergie and Dick Telford.

                                   PRAISE & PRAYER REQUESTS

We are in need of Bibles (Spanish and English) and Study Bibles for the inmates doing lessons.

Prayer for inmates who will soon be released, that they will start attending a good church, find work, transportation and a place to live.

Praise for the inmates who have come to Christ, who are doing Bible lessons and who are growing in the Lord! Pray they will be sensitive the Spirit’s leading to walk with Christ!

Praise for the brothers and sisters in Christ who pray for, and support our ministry here at PCCF.


We need volunteers to grade Bible lessons!

Also, if anyone has a vehicle that they would like to donate to NHCM, let Chaplain Danny know! Some inmates after their release need a car to get back to work!

If you would like to make a contribution to our ministry, please make your check out to:

New Hope Correctional Ministry or NHCM and mail to:

New Hope Correctional Ministry

P.O. Box 1694

Plymouth, MA 02362

Thank you for your prayers and support! ☺

Chaplain Danny Croce